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Thursday April 26, 2018

Fall harvest in Nebraska

Kathy's Commentary: The good and bad of the legislative session

It is now officially fall, and harvest has begun. For those readers who did not grow up on a farm, this edition will help to understand the long hours and back-to-back days of unending labor that takes over a farmer’s life during harvest. I remember the days during both planting and harvest, when we drove out to the field with lunch. Back in those days we ate breakfast, dinner, lunch and supper. Those long days required four meals! Breakfast was enough to get you moving, dinner was a quick meal at the house, lunch was a sandwich, cookie and a Pepsi, and supper was a nice hot meal of meat and potatoes. Livestock (pigs, cattle, horses and chickens) had to be fed in addition to bringing in the crops. We worked off the calories, so excess weight wasn’t a problem!

We should be thankful that farmers and ranchers care enough about feeding the world and keeping the environment clean. Without them, we would have to depend on our own back yard gardens to supply food to feed us throughout the year. So our hats are off to farmers for the hard work and hours of labor they put in during the harvest season!

Kathy Siefken
Executive Director
Nebraska Grocery Industry Association

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