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Thursday April 26, 2018

Kathy's Commentary: The good and bad of the legislative sessionThe Nebraska Grocery Industry Association would like to thank the Nebraska Corn Board and the Nebraska Farm Bureau for their continued efforts to assist in providing accurate and timely information to our membership.  Studies indicate that consumers trust their grocer, and they depend on their local retailer to provide information on the food they consume. Farmer Goes to Market is a unique e-newsletter that offers statistics and studies that provide information to retailers so they in turn are able to answer questions posed by consumers.  Farmer Goes to Market not only provides answers to questions, it also explains why.  For example, see our article on “Competitive Commodity Insights: Egg Shortage to Persist” to find out why it takes almost 9 months to get egg production back to levels of production prior to the avian flu outbreak – available table eggs were impacted by more than just the flu!

New site coming August 15, 2015We believe the information provided by Farmer Goes To Market is so valuable that we plan to make all articles that have been published in Farmer Goes to Market available at the click of a mouse!  Our new website, which will go live August 15, will have all issues available for your review.  No need to try to remember all those statistics and pieces of information!  Just go to to find answers to questions regarding farm practices, commodity insights, and accurate information – because it’s important to know the facts. Facts that are brought to you by the people who know!

Kathy Siefken
Executive Director
Nebraska Grocery Industry Association


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