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Thursday April 26, 2018

Kathy's Commentary: The good and bad of the legislative sessionThe Nebraska Legislature adjourned on Day 59 of a 60-day session. When the 2015 Legislative Session began, it appeared it would be a more conservative legislature than in past years. As it turns out, the Freshman Class of 2015, consisting of 18 new state senators, had a different view than sitting senators of old. The 2015 Session brought repeal of the death penalty, a tax increase in the form of a fuel tax, and a chance for children of illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s license – all issues that were heavily debated, vetoed by the Governor and then overridden by the legislative body.

Along with controversial bills that passed were some good pieces of legislation. Our state senators gave the citizens of Nebraska some property tax relief, with promises that they will continue to work on the tax issues we face. They also provided incentives for business, assistance for lower income earners when they are trying to leave assistance programs, updates to worker compensation, and a budget that will grow at just over 3 percent.

In 2016, Nebraska will hold a 60-day session which means that when they convene on Jan. 6, 2016, we hit the ground running, with bills left on General File this year seeing floor debate as senators drop in new bills and hold hearings on those new issues. The fun never ends!

During the interim we will continue to work on legislative issues along with programs that benefit the members of NGIA. If you have questions regarding any of our events, issues that impact your business, or general questions regarding the industry, please feel free to contact our office – we are here to provide assistance!

Kathy Siefken
Executive Director
Nebraska Grocery Industry Association


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