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Monday February 19, 2018

Feeding starts at 6 a.m., sun, ice, or snow

Take a tour of life on a western Nebraska cattle feeding operation in this authentic amateur video from Whitney's Thompson Ranch. "These animals are not our pets; they are our business," says Shelly Thompson, and those animals require care 365 days a year. "People in agriculture don't get a day off when they've got cattle, livestock, hogs, sheep, chickens," says Thorpe Thompson. "Chores have to be done; animals have to be fed, everyday." Who says Nebraska's farmers and Nebraska's grocers don't lead similar lives?

Just slightly north, this issue, to Crooks, S.D., where we hear "The Real Farm Girl" Laura Nielson explain why October's Food Day gets a lot of things wrong about the nature of today's farm and food system.


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Hamlot Farms' Jeff Beattie, from Sumner, says, "We may have an 'Incorporated' behind our name, but we are a family farm. We're family owned, and that's the way I hope it always is." Watch how this fifth- (approaching sixth-) generation hog farm takes care of its land and animals in order to take care of its family members.

What does Jeff mean by "farrowing" and other terms? Use the link below to ask your farm-related questions and we'll get you a response from a real Nebraska farmer.

This Firth dairy lives the farm day in and day out

Prairieland Dairy's Dan Rice says, “We don’t really separate dairying from family.” As owner and manager, the multi-generational dairy farmer understands the commitment it takes to be successful at it. “It’s a 24/7 job. If our life is interrupted by the dairy, that’s just the way it is. The cows’ needs come first.” 

Mike Bergen, from Henderson, talks about how today's technology, like targeting his fertilizing via GPS, reducing the amount of tillage he performs and rotating crops from season to season, helps improve the sustainability of his family's corn and soybean farm.

Have a question about how or why Mike does something to grow the food you ultimately sell? Use the link below to ask and we'll get you a response from a real Nebraska farmer. 

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