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Thursday April 26, 2018

The story of the Ladenburger's farm, near Stratton, is the story of much of Nebraska agriculture. The family farm, passed down through the generations, now grows wheat, corn and beef cattle in a cooperative venture between father, brothers and their families, with the goal, says Nick Ladenburger, of making sure the focus on faith, family and farm "goes on from here." 

Local chefs, grocery store directors and dieticians boarded a bus for the unique opportunity to tour three Nebraska farms. They wanted to see and hear for themselves how crops and animals are raised for food.

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Easier to list which ones don't, says Nebraska soybean farmer Ed Lammers.

Leslie Boswell, a farmer in the Shickley area, explains the difference between family farms vs. corporate farms on NTV News. 

Nation-building begins with farm-building for this National Guard farming unit

Members of the Nebraska National Guard Agribusiness Development Team for the Paktiya Provincial Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan puts their farming and agriculture to use by helping Afghan farmers develop more efficient methods for crop and livestock production. The ADT is an Operation Enduring Freedom specific operation that relies on volunteers to complete its mission.

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