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Thursday April 26, 2018

Take a tour of a typical medium-sized Nebraska crop, hog and cattle farm, as Columbus' Luckey family farmers explain why today's farming tools actually reduce the environmental footprint of raising crops and animals.

Perhaps no better embodiment of the grocery-to-farmer connection embodied in Farmer Goes to Market can be found than Albion farmer Hillary Maricle, whose parents owned a grocery in Spaulding while much of the rest of her extended family farmed. With those roots founded in the best of both worlds, she went on to help run this sixth-generation Nebraska cattle and crop farm.

As chair of American Farm Bureau's Young Farmer and Rancher Committee, Gildner corn, soybean and popcorn farmer Zach Hunnicutt and wife Anna use their new-media savvy to talk on a national level about the issues farmers in their 20s and 30s face. Listen to this Nebraska TV's August Farm Family of the Month talk about how their fifth generation farm operates daily.

Joan Ruskamp, who feeds cattle near Dodge, takes you on a short tour of her feedlot while using a unique method to put the issue of hormone-based cattle implants into context for your shoppers.


Mike Korth, a soybean farmers from Randolph, Nebraska, sits down to talk about the importance of exports to the soybean industry. Nebraska farmers have a logistical advantage when shipping their soybeans to Mexico, Asia and the Pacific Rim due to their western location. Nebraska soybeans are shipped all over the world to help feed a growing population at home and abroad and create a positive trade balance for the US.

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