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Thursday April 26, 2018

The Loseke family kids learn to apply their science, tech, engineering and math skills in the best science lab of all as they help parents Ryan and June run this Columbus ranching business. See how Elisabeth, Erika, and Cort apply these skills in everything from veterinary science and nutrition, to agriculture and meteorology.

Dave Claridge, founder of Blue Valley Aquaculture near Sutton, turned abanoned hog buildings into a high-tech fish farm, aimed at meeting Nebraska's growing demand for fresh steelhead trout. Take a quick tour of this unique farming operation.

Every season, thousands of farmers across the state repeat one of the oldest practices known to man--growing food. Watch as Nebraska's Buffett Farms tells the old story with a self-produced stylish twist, as the farm's entire corn production for the year goes into the soil in time to beat the coming storm, in a single--long--day.

Fifth-generation family famers Danny and Josie Kluthe seamlessly mix pork production and cutting-edge technology. An anaerobic manure digester on site uses natural gas to supplement fuel for their farm's vehicles and help provide electricity to area homes. The Kluthes have six 1,000-head finishing barns and market about 15,000 finisher hogs annually. They grow corn and soybeans on 280 acres and raise 100 chickens every year for family and friends. Being good environmental stewards is key to all of their endeavors at Bacon Hill.

The Engelman Family, of Jansen, is a mutigenerational dairy farm that milks 20 hours a day to produce about 6,000 gallons of milk every single day. Watch the process they go through to make sure those cows are comfortable and producing at their best.

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