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Thursday April 26, 2018

Meet Dan Hughes, a Nebraska wheat producer, member of the Nebraska Wheat Board and state senator. 

Hughes said his uncle’s political pursuits and his parents’ community service—including his father’s more than 30 years of service on the Venango school board—set examples that helped put him on a path to the Unicameral.

In the agricultural community, Hughes said, helping neighbors and friends is a way of life, and serving on organizations such as the Nebraska Wheat Board and the Nebraska Farm Bureau is how he gives back to the agriculture industry. Serving as a state senator continues that effort.

“I get a lot of enjoyment helping my fellow farmer,” he said. “I just like being busy. I’m not happy unless I have about six balls in the air at the same time.”


"Seeing Nebraska at 12 miles an hour is a lot better than seeing Nebraska at 65 miles per hour," says Coordinator Donelle Moormeier in this 2014 video of the annual Tractor Relay Across Nebraska. Truer words were never spoken, but the relay also offers a great chance to see your Nebraska farmers in a little slower motion, as they make the drive in antique-tractor relays from Beatrice to Scottsbluff over eight days, starting June 4.


Click on this link to see a full iternary for the route. The relay is a charitable event aimed at helping the American Legion raise funds for Operation Comfort Warriors, a program dedicated to meeting the needs of wounded, injured or ill military personnel by providing them with comfort items not usually supplied by the government.

Nebraska mushroom farmer

Looking for a little something new in his career, Grand Island's Ashley Gordon followed a personal interest to start Nebraska Mushrooms in 2011. His passion has expanded into growing a local source of the fungal delicacies using waste products as medium.

Click here to read his story.

Jeremiah Picard manages Lincoln's Big Red Worms, a non-profit venture of the Nebraska Farmers Union. His 300-head herd of worms has grown into the millions, using discarded food waste from local school cafeterias and an intensive process known as vermiculture to create healthy soil for local farmers and gardners, while reducing some of the load on local landfills.

Watch as York's Kaliff family farm operation rolls across the plains of Nebraska bringing in this year's corn and soybean crop.

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