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Thank goodness the summer holiday has arrived. If you want to really celebrate the spirit of America, do it the way we do it in the country. A step by step guide to making the most of your down-home holiday. Happy Fourth of July to all!

First, swing by the general store on your way home

Swing by the general store

Next, get in a little last-minute yardwork

Get your hair done

Get your hair done

Hook up the boat

Hook up the boat

Swing by the carwash

Fill up the cooler

Fill the cooler

Don't forget your drink coozie

Don't forget your coozie

Get in a quick round of golf

Heat up the hot tub!

Be sure to put on your sun protection

Wear a hat for sun protection

Fire up the grill

Fire up the grill

No, really fire up the grill!

Really fire up the grill

And have a wonderful, safe and happy Fourth of July from your Nebraska Grocery Industry Association and Farmer Goes to Market!

If you find ourself growing a little bored with your summer Sundays at the lake, consider how the producers of this hidden-camera bit decided to put some good clean fun back into their day at the beach.

What ever happend to Mikey? Take this quiz if you think you know.Quiz Time: How much do you really know about all those cereals you sell?

Click on Life Cereal's famous Mikey to take the quiz.

Be sure to post your results to the comments to give your fellow grocers a benchmark to shoot for. 

Since Dakota City resident Rebekah Speight sold a McDonalds Chicken McNugget that resembled George Washington on the auction site Ebay, we're seeing a whole new potential revenue stream for grocers. Click on the link to be on the lookout for these other famous figures that have shown up in food.

(Editor's Update: We've since learned the original bidder backed out on the final bid on Speight's church fundraiser, but nevertheless we say, Dare to dream!) 

 Click here to see the gallery of famous food faces

Take a fond trip down memory lane from an era before video games and computers. Merry Christmas, and may Santa make you as happy as he did back then.

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