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Saturday March 24, 2018

With age and wisdom comes the realization that there's always something to be thankful for, if you know how to look

As then 72-year-old Mary Maxwell illustrated in this invocation for a home-health-care service's national convention in Omaha in 2009, saying grace is an art that perhaps only the seasoned can master. Or at least master this well.


Looking for some really fresh ideas? This is the definition of really thinking outside the box.


Thank goodness the summer holiday has arrived. If you want to really celebrate the spirit of America, do it the way we do it in the country. A step by step guide to making the most of your down-home holiday. Happy Fourth of July to all!

First, swing by the general store on your way home

Swing by the general store

Next, get in a little last-minute yardwork

Get your hair done

Get your hair done

Hook up the boat

Hook up the boat

Swing by the carwash

Fill up the cooler

Fill the cooler

Don't forget your drink coozie

Don't forget your coozie

Get in a quick round of golf

Heat up the hot tub!

Be sure to put on your sun protection

Wear a hat for sun protection

Fire up the grill

Fire up the grill

No, really fire up the grill!

Really fire up the grill

And have a wonderful, safe and happy Fourth of July from your Nebraska Grocery Industry Association and Farmer Goes to Market!

A tour of the best and worst in fair food

Come on, admit it. The best reason to attend the state fair every summer is to be once more shocked into queasiness by the abundance of fried, salted, sugared and otherwise politically incorrect food. Here's some of the best of the worst of this summer's fair fare.


Bacon-wrapped corn dogs. What could possibly improve this 190-calorie, 38 percent fat staple of the fair circuit? Two words: Ba-Con!


Deep Fried Butter on a Stick. The now-classic fair food dips an entire stick of butter, itself on a stick, into a sweet cinnamon batter, topped with a sugared glaze. Tasty, and it makes your hair shine!

Deep Fried Trix. Silly rabbit, heart attax aren't just for kids!

Deep Fried Girl Scout Cookies. Whether it's caramel and coconut Samoas or mint and chocolate Thin Mints dipped in batter, deep-fried and powdered sugared, here's your chance to help commemorate the 100th birthday of the Girl Scouts by pretty much ensuring you'll never see that many years yourself.

Poutine. A French-Canadian dish whose name translates loosely as "cottage-cheese gravy soup," tops a basket of french fries with hot gravy and "squeaky" curds of white cheddar.

The Doughnut Dog. Take one high-quality German-style frank, wrap it in bacon, deep fry it inside a longjohn doughnut and dip it all in maple syrup. Breakfast, lunch and dessert in one convenient dish.

Fried Bubblegum. Dip three jumbo bubblegum flavored marshmallows in a bubblegum flavored batter, deep fry, drizzle with blue bugglebum-flavored glaze and garnish with bubblegum bits. Your dentist will thank you.

Deep Fried Pickle Dawg. Quarter and slice a dill pickle, add cream cheese, wrap in ham and pastrami, batter it and deep fry. Somebody call the Dawktor!


If you find ourself growing a little bored with your summer Sundays at the lake, consider how the producers of this hidden-camera bit decided to put some good clean fun back into their day at the beach.

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