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Thursday April 26, 2018

An Oregon home owner caught a local trash collector in this simple and anonymous act of respect for the nation's flag, and security camera video of it went viral in 2014 for all the right reasons. Join him in remembering and celebrating the reason behind this summer's holiday.


Take a few minutes to enjoy this heartwarming 2015 eulogy to his father by late-night comedian Craig Ferguson, as he remembers the lesson his dad taught him about love beyond reason. Take a few minutes, and then go call your dad.


Nearby Ashland, Kan., rancher and horseman Garth Gardner received overwhelming support from the community after he and his family were forced to scramble to save their homes, ranches and animals from one of the worst wildfires in state history. But what he received one morning in an unmarked envelope with no return address left him in tears.

"My Lord this country has some special people in it!!" he told social media.

This classic compilation from America's Funniest Videos celebrates moms -- the support they give, their fearless leadership, and even when they hit us in the face with a cake.


We can understand actor Warren Beaty's embarrasment at blowing this year's Academy Awards announcement for best picture award. But for those who remember country music awards ceremonies from years past, there's no comparison to this gin-soaked performance by Charlie Rich from 1975.


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