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Thursday March 22, 2018

'Twas the season before Christmas, and all through the air
Travelers hustled and bustled, burdened down with their cares.

When what to our wondering eyes did appear
But this brilliant commercial that resurrected our cheer.

So spring to this YouTube with no doubt nor dismissal;
let cynicism drift off like the down on a thistle.

Witness the power of generosity to make melancholy disappear.
As we wish a joyful Christmas to all, and to all a good year!

Nebraska's favorite comic native son demonstrates the naturally intimate personal humor that so endeared him to late night television audiences for 30 years in this hilarious Thanksgiving ad-lib with band leader Doc Severinsen from 1979.

Faked, but fascinating to watch. These old spots for the NFL ought to keep your blood pumping during the mid-season doldrums.

To celebrate another successful Fourth of July, let's return to the classics fault, for this 1996 video moment involving a live weathercast and some helpful kids who offered to set off their last fireworks for a little background "color." Things didn't quite go as planned.

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