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Loosen up your belt and tighten up your gag reflex, it's time for this year's review of the good, the bad and the ugly in Nebraska State Fair food.

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As county fair and rodeo season gets in full swing across Nebraska, all the glory goes to the bull riders. But if you want real breathtaking equine action, come early for the barrel racing.

Take a few minutes to enjoy this heartwarming 2015 eulogy to his father by late-night comedian Craig Ferguson, as he remembers the lesson his dad taught him about love beyond reason. Take a few minutes, and then go call your dad.


An Oregon home owner caught a local trash collector in this simple and anonymous act of respect for the nation's flag, and security camera video of it went viral in 2014 for all the right reasons. Join him in remembering and celebrating the reason behind this summer's holiday.


This classic compilation from America's Funniest Videos celebrates moms -- the support they give, their fearless leadership, and even when they hit us in the face with a cake.


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