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Thursday April 26, 2018
Tide pods

Depending on which side of the generational divide you fall on, the “Tide Pod Challenge” which overtook the Internet late last year marked either the end of modern civilization or the natural culmination of it. It involved filming yourself while biting down on the colorful but bitter detergent pods, which resulted in as many as eight reported deaths.

One anthropologist's explanation of the natural gastronomic attraction of the colorful, ripe, gushing non-treats may convince you the trend is here to stay. But you also may recall that we've actually been there before:

  • The cinnamon challenge was a similar viral internet food challenge that peaked between 2007 and the end of 2011.
  • The cracker challenge, likewise challenged participants to beat the clock by stuffing their mouths with potential choking hazards.
  • Similarly, milk chugging, challenged hopeful YouTube stars to drink large quantities of milk in a short time, as did the banana Sprite challenge, which did the same for two bananas and a liter of soft drink—both without vomiting.
  • The salt-and-ice challenge left some participants with self-inflicted second- and third-degree burns in an attempt to gain Internet fame.

All point to the reality that imbecility in pursuit of fame is a trend that may never go out of style.

Self-professed most stereotypically Christian comic in the business, Jon Crist's take on the frustrations of the annual family Christmas card photo may strike a nerve this time of season. Happy holidays.

Loosen up your belt and tighten up your gag reflex, it's time for this year's review of the good, the bad and the ugly in Nebraska State Fair food.

Click here to view the slideshow.

Burt County corn farmer Quentin Connealy proved life's fun is sometimes where you make it. His thrilling cornfield wakeboarding video has passed 2 million views on Facebook, proving one man's weather tragedy is another's opportunity to hit it.

As county fair and rodeo season gets in full swing across Nebraska, all the glory goes to the bull riders. But if you want real breathtaking equine action, come early for the barrel racing.

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